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Why I'm Standing in Bromsgrove

Two years ago I wasn’t involved in politics.

After the 2015 election, I joined the Liberal Democrats to change in the way we do politics in Britain. To change the outcomes we receive; the economy, our prosperity, our freedoms and our essential public services...

So it is an incredible privilege to be working in Bromsgrove and asking you to choose me as your parliamentary representative. I’ve met many wonderful and supportive people and I’m looking forward to meeting as many people as possible in the next few weeks.

My background is as a scale up entrepreneur – as I often say to people, my job is to solve problems and sometimes I get paid. I learnt that nothing good comes without hard work and a little bit of inspiration. I have learnt that to succeed, you need to be brave and you need, above all, to believe that what you do will make a real difference to people. I offer my spirit of optimism, of energy and drive and the desire to make a difference, to the people of Bromsgrove.

A few people have asked, why am I standing in Bromsgrove? Which is usually followed up by the question, where are you from?

Where am I from? Great question – I was born in South Africa, my wife is German and our children have Spanish souls (they spent 8 years growing up there) and I’m British. Of course, by British I mean English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh – in that I can trace heritage to all four nations of the UK and in fact, one Grandfather grew up down the road in Worcester.

I grew up (mostly) in Bishop’s Stortford – a market town on the edge of a large city in what was always a huge Conservative majority seat. I studied in Swansea, South Wales and have lived in North, South, East and West London as well as a short stay in Kent. I currently live in Chester, but once our youngest daughter has finished her A Levels we are looking to move southwards to be closer to our parents and family. That is why Bromsgrove is just the sort of place for us.

So, where am I from? Well, may I answer it like this; I come from a background of Liberal tolerant values; a family of many teachers who seek to help each individual reach the best of the potential; a family of engineers who have built businesses and brought investment to the UK to create and deepen our prosperity; a family of natural travellers who enjoy diversity and celebrate different cultures.

I believe we need a new politics in Britain and it is time that Bromsgrove was noticed by the political elite. We need a new, centralist approach to the challenges and issues that we all face; especially our NHS, Education and Environment. I also believe that ideological hatred of the EU is both wrong and foolish for the damage it will do to our economy.

As I already mentioned, my wife is German and her German father came to Britain in the 1970s when we were the sick man of Europe. For 20 odd years he led German investment in Siemens UK, building it into a critically important UK company which employs thousands of British people in Worcester, the West Midlands, across the UK and which trades around the world.

I also know that to raise our wages and to pay real living wages, as well as fully fund our public services, we have a choice; we can either seek to take money from someone else, as Corbyn or May would have us do, or we can grow our economy so that businesses and organisations can afford to pay good wages which, in turn, increases tax receipts for public services.

I started my career in information publishing and ended up working at The Economist Group before becoming an entrepreneur and building e-publishing, investment, freelance, health and now cyber safety businesses.

For all these reasons, the economy, our prosperity, our public services, Britain’s place in the world and our reputation for diversity and tolerance, I’m putting membership of the Single Market at the heart of my campaign. If elected I will do everything in my power to maintain our immediate economic interests and avoid a decade of lost growth and prosperity.

We have been gifted a unique opportunity to change Britain’s direction on 8th June. Let’s seize the moment.

I stand for a different kind of politics. I seek to get Bromsgrove noticed. And, with your help, I will work to Change Britain’s Future. 

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