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Rethinking Roads Policing

Policing Cheshire roads is complex, essential and expensive. About 40 people will die on Cheshire roads and hundreds will be seriously injured in the next 12 months. How do we reduce that?


So, looking ahead to four years of budget cuts, how do we police our urban and rural roads so as to reduce risk of death and serious injury?

Let's start with some simple questions.....

  • Which roads need police speed camera teams? 
  • What would reduce road risk and injury risk? 
  • What do local people think?
  • And what about speed cameras, do they work or are they just a revenue generating exercise?

The current answer to all these questions is - there is no clear answer!

As a future Commissioner, it would be one of my top priorities to use data - taken from Google, Sat Navs, local people with speed measuring apps, local council data, car manufacturers, road accident data etc... to identity the highest risk areas.

We can then set a strategy - in collaboration with local people, local councils who set speed limits, highways agencies, ambulance and fire services which attend accidents - to tackle the most at risk areas.

Police resources are restricted whilst demand is growing rapidly - to ensure we achieve the greatest impact, we must use data to smartly target our resources and do so with the collaboration and understanding of local people.

This way, we can set speed limits correctly and police them effectively, with the agreement of the local community.

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