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How Does Cybercrime Affect You?

Cybercrime is the new problem and it is forecast to affect every single household in the UK in the next four years. So that's your home, my home, your friends and family's home - it's everyone!

So, what is cybercrime? And how might it affect you?

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Firstly, cybercrime isn't limited to just online activity. You may, for instance, receive a phone call from 'PC Experts' calling to help you remove a virus from your computer.

A few clicks later, they persuade you to install malware on your computer and, now they have virtual access, they can proceed to exhort a fee to remove it.

Often, financial cybercrime will involve someone phoning you and pretending to be your bank, solicitor or pension company and asking you to move your money. Later you discovered you moved your money to their bank account.

Or, perhaps you received one of those suspicious looking emails that appear to be from 'Apple' or 'RBS bank' or 'Paypal' or 'Companies House' or 'eBay' or any other organisation or institution what you might expect to hear from.

Of course, click on the link and you are in trouble...

But cybercrime doesn't stop there...

For young children, digital networks are used to steal data and then criminals target and seek to groom children for sexual exploitation.

Last week, a nearby police force released a story of how it stopped a bus load of teenage girls lured to a party by a sex gang through social media.

Young people also spend much time online, they make friends online and they suffer bullying and abuse online. It hurts and it is as real as anything.

Equally, revenge porn is now a common problem for many young adults.

But cybercrime doesn't stop there. Networks - especially those set up in the dark web are used to traffic people, to organise and commit crime and, of course, to plan and then commit terrorist attacks against innocent people.

Businesses suffer too...

BAE reported this week that it is attacked at least two times per week. A government backed insurance system reported that there were around 80,000 cyber attacks on business last year and over 2,000 of those resulted in loss of data.

And that data is probably yours, or mine, or your parent's, or your child's. It might be financial data or it might be your identity and it might leave someone vulnerable and too frightened to go online or to use skype to talk to their friends and family.

Fear of crime is a swiftly becoming a big problem. Too much of our lives relies on digital devices to be ignored. Older people, if they are to live well at home, will need more and more digital and tech support - only possible if we tackle cybercrime AND the fear of cybercrime.

But there is more...

Cyber criminals will also attack our public services - transport, hospitals, police, fire, local government, universities, schools and media. This Christmas, the BBC's digital presence was taken down by a Distributed Denial of Service attack.

In Eastern Europe, 80,000 loss electrical power due to a cyber attack coming from someone where in Russia.

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The future is frightening too...

And, the rate and range of cybercrimes is widening and broadening. In the next few years we will see driverless cars on our roads and drones in our skies. Car computers have already been hacked, criminals have the perfect get away and drones can now carry people and not act as a crime surveying tool or drug mule.

Cybercrime and also cyber terrorism is the new battle ground between law and order and decency and those that would exploit and harm us.

I will place cybercrime at the heart of our plans to keep and make Cheshire safe. We are behind the curve, the criminals are ahead, we have no time to waste.

Please help by taking my one question survey - so I can better understand your experiences of cybercrime too.

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