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Every Home a Cybercrime Victim

Every Cheshire Home is likely to be a Cybercrime Victim in the next four years. 

The growth of cybercrime is relentless and every Cheshire home is likely to become a victim in the next four years unless something changes....

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Yes, there is something that everyone can do to stay safe online, in our homes and in our communities. Here are seven simple tips:

1. Keep your computer software up-to-date and throw away (or disconnect from the internet) devices that use XP or cannot be updated (e.g. stand-alone video cameras)

2. Use multiple passwords – and ensure that your core passwords (to access email and bank sites) are unique and cannot be guessed

3. Avoid entering details into competition websites and websites offering 'free' goods where the supplier is unknown – they may be harvesting your email and personal information before selling onto spammers, scammers and cold-calling companies

4. Be *very* careful using café or library ‘fee’ wi-fi. Never enter a password or conduct a financial transaction when connected to a wi-fi that might not be 100% secure.

5. Check your privacy settings – and keep your friends settings ‘private’ on all your social media accounts (also, check the settings for your kids too, as well as elderly parents)

6. Never click on an email asking you to ‘click here to update your information / download your invoice’ – if you believe the email is genuine – then navigate directly to their website first (don't use the details in the email).

7. Never give any personal or financial details over the phone – unless you rang the organisation, using the normal number, yourself!

As a future Commissioner, I promise to prioritise a#‎CyberSafeCheshire campaign, led by community police, to teach simple ways to keep ourselves safe online – in our schools, our work places as well as our community and faith centres.

The future of crime is frightening and it will require a whole community response to keep us safe in our homes, our streets, our communities and online. I believe the next Commissioner needs to lead this fight!



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