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This election is your opportunity to change the direction of our country - to change away from a hard or woolly brexit and a decade of lost growth, to change our funding of our public services, to change our politics in Westminster and in Bromsgrove. Read more


In the next few years we will see drones in the sky, driverless vehicles on our roads, attacks on the computer back bone of our basic services – fire, police, hospitals, local government; and a boom in digitally enabled fraud and theft. New digital communications enable criminal networks to thrive; to traffic people; to share hate and illegal pornography.

Cyber bullying and revenge porn is already a common problem for young people. Children online remain at risk of cyber grooming and sexual predators.

Crime has changed, but we have not. Crime has moved behind doors, into the shadows and criminals have globalised. The threat of cybercrime, burglary and even terrorism against the people of Cheshire is a global issue that requires a joined up local, national and international response backed up by modern technology and liberal minded oversight and accountability.

Have you been affected by cybercrime? Please click here to take the one question survey so that, together, we can build a #CyberSafeCheshire

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