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This election is your opportunity to change the direction of our country - to change away from a hard or woolly brexit and a decade of lost growth, to change our funding of our public services, to change our politics in Westminster and in Bromsgrove. Read more

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If you would like to get in touch with us regarding an issue or problem you are having, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with me using one of the following:


Bromsgrove Liberal Democrats, 110 Linthurst Newtown, Blackwell, B60 1BS


You can email me at

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Party Address: Liberal Democrats, 8-10 Great George Street, London, SW1P 3AE

Phone: 020 7222 7999




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  • commented 2016-05-03 16:58:32 +0100
    Yes Trent – it would be my full time focus. I’ve been told to expect to work extremely hard!

    Best regards

  • followed this page 2016-05-03 16:58:24 +0100
  • commented 2016-05-03 16:37:43 +0100
    If elected as the PCC, will you be spending 100% of your working time on this role with no distractions such as business mentoring, leadership coaching etc. Effectively, will this role be your only source of income and therefore be given the time it requires and the salary dictates?
  • commented 2016-03-10 17:44:00 +0000
    I am deeply concerned that John Dwyer is even being allowed to stand for er-election.

    before he was appointed I complained to the returning officer John Dwyer is involved

    in concealing serious criminal offences, I expected to be asked for evidence or a reason

    for my statement. However I was ignored, the Congleton Chronicle colluded with Dwyer

    to conceal information the public requires to choose their most senior police post

    I expect the truth to prevail ! Please contact me for further info. if you are a genuine candidate