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Committed to Openness, Transparency and Promoting Ethical Behaviour

I've signed up to the PCC Checklist on promoting openness, transparency and ethical behaviour in public life. 

I believe it is the Commissioner's role to make information and data openly and easily accessible so that you can hold the Cheshire police service to account as well as the Commissioner and his or her office.

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Therefore, I commit to...

  • Publish and abide by an ethical Code of Conduct and will ask any deputy to do the same.
  • Ensure my Police & Crime Plans will explicitly include holding the Chief Constable to account for embedding the College of Policing's Code of Ethics
  • Ensuring an open and transparent process when appointing the Chief Constable and all key staff
  • Publishing up-to-date accessible data on my pay, rewards, gifts, hospitality and business interests.

Transparency, confidence and consent are critical factors in effective and efficient policing. I intend to make accessing data and information on the Commissioner website much easier and more relevant. I am willing to openly publish data about my pay and benefits - in fact, I have just published a reply to a question about Commissioner pay because I believe it is important that this type of conversation takes place in the open.

I will publish all non-confidential letters between my office and the home office, treasury and local government so that you can see, openly and publicly, how we hold each other to account. And I will seek to ensure that 'confidentiality' is not used to hide and obscure communications and public information.

I equally believe that Cheshire residents need to know that appointments I make are the result of choosing the best person / people for the role and are not political appointments. Merit and effectiveness must remain the key requirements.

I call on the other candidates for the Cheshire Police & Crime Commissioner to do the same.


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