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A Commissioner - Not Another Police Chief

Don’t elect ‘another police chief’ on May 5th, instead, if you choose me, choose me to be the Cheshire Commissioner. This is why...


People ask me why Cheshire needs another Police Chief when they already have a very capable Chief Constable backed up by a strong team and highly skilled police service? Well, the answer is that they don’t.

The role of the Police & Crime Commissioner is to represent the interests of the residents of Cheshire to the police – not be a promotional cheerleader for the police.

For the Commissioner to effectively hold the Cheshire police service to account, that person mustn't be a police officer nor an ex-member of the Cheshire service as there will be too many vested interests to provide independent scrutiny.

The police and crime challenges of the next four years will all be about technology and people; how do we deliver a more effective service with less money, how to we gear up to beat cybercrime – in all its forms, and how do we work with people, communities, public and private sector bodies to defeat cybercrime and make our shared future safe?

Thomas Winsor, the Chief Inspector of Constabularies, argued in 2013 that ‘outsiders will enrich the police service’ with their tech experience and knowledge of working with different groups of people.

That’s why I am asking people and the media to describe the role as The Commissioner and not another Police Chief.”

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