Change Britain's Future

This election is your opportunity to change the direction of our country - to change away from a hard or woolly brexit and a decade of lost growth, to change our funding of our public services, to change our politics in Westminster and in Bromsgrove. Read more

Bella is Against Fox Hunting and So am I

Bella - my daughter's 1 year old Chihuahua is against Fox Hunting and animal cruelty - and so am I.

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Meet Your Candidate

Come and meet me at open meetings across the Bromsgrove constituency.

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A Fence at The Top of the Cliff - not Just an Ambulance at the Bottom

It is time to change the way we do politics, support our businesses and run our public services.

As the NHS cyber hack tells us, we can no longer wait for the system to fail before fixing things - we need to get ahead and stay ahead of the risks. For all our benefits.

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Lib Dems will invest £30,637,922 to protect school funding in Worcestershire

We commit to turn the tide against the Conservative education cuts that are hurting the life chances of our young people with nearly £7bn of nationwide investment.

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1p to Save Our NHS

Lib Dem’s penny for our NHS would raise a quarter of a billion pounds extra for Bromsgrove resident’s health services.

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Why I'm Standing in Bromsgrove

Two years ago I wasn’t involved in politics.

After the 2015 election, I joined the Liberal Democrats to change in the way we do politics in Britain. To change the outcomes we receive; the economy, our prosperity, our freedoms and our essential public services...

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Britain's Lost Decade

Britain faces a lost decade outside of the Single Market. Instead of growing our economy, improving our public services, helping people live in a decent home, we will simply be working to replace the trade and the trade deals we lost. But it doesn't have to be like this...

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Keep us in the Single Market

I will battle to prevent losing our membership of the Single Market in an act of dreadful economic Self Harm.

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Let's Legally Control Cannabis

For 50 years our police, health services, local government and justice system has fought a war against the use of cannabis.

It has failed. More people use cannabis now than 50 years ago and criminals are making a fortune running and controlling cannabis supply. We have lost control. Let's take back control and protect our young people.

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Every Home a Cybercrime Victim

Every Cheshire Home is likely to be a Cybercrime Victim in the next four years. 

The growth of cybercrime is relentless and every Cheshire home is likely to become a victim in the next four years unless something changes....

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