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Ask Neil

Hopefully you know by know that I am committed to campaign to retain access to the Single Market as I believe this is essentially if we are to grow our economy, create successful businesses and to be able to pay working people a good wage as well as provide interesting and stimulating work.

I do believe that this single issue will have the biggest impact on the lives of the people of Bromsgrove as we need successful businesses and working people to be able to support and fully fund our NHS, education and public services.

However, I am also interested to know what you, a local Bromsgrove person, thinks about the key issues affecting the Bromsgrove constituency? Perhaps there are youth issues that concern you? Or green issues? Are you concerned about mental health services or the protection of EU nationals? 

Please let me know and include your address in any email and I'll reply (to all reasonable questions and suggestions) in between campaigning.

Best regards

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