Change Britain's Future

Hello,  I'm Neil. I joined the Liberal Democrats in May 2015 because I didn't want to see a open, tolerant and transparent liberal voice disappear from our public and political life.

I am a European Brit with a global vision. I was born in South Africa, am married to a German national and our children have Spanish souls. My personal heritage includes English as well as Irish, Scottish and Welsh links.

I believe in a deeply connected relationships with all our nearest neighbours.

I will be fighting not only to avoid a hard Tory Breixt and campaigning to keep us in the single market, but also to double our export of goods and services to the EU in the next 5 years. 

With full access to the Single Market and a radical focus on young businesses and growth, we can, as a country, build the job opportunities, pay living wages and properly fund world class NHS, Schools and public services.