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A Fence at The Top of the Cliff - not Just an Ambulance at the Bottom

It is time to change the way we do politics, support our businesses and run our public services.

As the NHS cyber hack tells us, we can no longer wait for the system to fail before fixing things - we need to get ahead and stay ahead of the risks. For all our benefits.

We need a fence at the top of the cliff, not just an ambulance at the bottom.

Here are 11 ways I will work to prevent harm, not just deal with bad stuff when it happens

1. Homelessness - reverse the loss of housing benefit for 18 to 21 year olds and commit to end rough sleeping

2. Tackle Childhood obesity - currently 1/5 of 10 to 11 years are obese, so let's look again at changes to our food industry and food marketing as well as encouraging the Daily Mile in every primary school

3. Fund Mental Health Services - Lib Dems commit to an extra £1bn invested into mental health services will mean that we can treat small issues before they become big problems

4. Young Businesses - the UK lags top nations in its ability to foster high growth firms (we are only 13th - placing us in the second division) and yet, young businesses create nearly all net new jobs, which we will desperately require as automation of the work place accelerates. I will seek to make Bromsgrove a Young Business centre of excellence in the UK.

5. Cyber Security - the NHS hack, using out-dated software, is a classic example of saving pennies today to spend pounds tomorrow. We need to be ahead of the risks, not chasing our tails and putting patients at risk.

6. Patient Capital - the UK's business finance is dangerously short term which means businesses cannot take long term investment or skills training decisions. Instead, a UK Patient Capital bank can provide funds in return for workforce skills development.

7. Green Investment Bank - thanks to the Lib Dems the UK has a green investment bank whose role is to stimulate and support the creation of this new clean energy industry.

8. Rural and suburban road deaths are at risk of spiking as housing developments are increasingly built in rural locations or as town extensions. Without nearly by services (to cut the need for car journeys) and better transport infrastructure (public transport and roads) we risk increasing the risk of serious injury and death on our roads as well as longer delays in congestion.

9. It is time we took back control of our streets from criminal gangs by legally controlling cannabis. Not only can we put the criminals out of business, we can much more safely control the strength and access to cannabis whilst saving and raising money which can be put to better public use - such as mental health services.

10. Air pollution and our environment can be tackled only by a forward thinking plan to cut vehicle emissions, increase public transport options and services as well as maintaining an international approach to climate change.

11. Poverty - too many children are growing up in families in poverty which limits their life changes. Let's maintain and strengthen the pupil premium to ensure every child has the best possible chance in life whilst developing a high skill, high pay economy so that we can end the outrageous figure of 3.8m working people living in poverty.

There is, of course, more that we want and need and to do. However, the key is to stop reacting to last year's news and start planning for a better future. Together, we can change direction. Together, we can Change Britain's Future.

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